Circle of Harmony mit Kyo und Torsten


Am 19. Januar haben wir Besuch aus Italien, von Massimo Kyo Di Nocera, einem Musiker und Komponisten aus Florenz, der im Maigold eine Mantra Session leiten wird. Wir beginnen die Session mit einer herzöffnenden Kriya aus der Kundalini Yoga Tradition. Danach beginnt der Chanting Zirkel mit Massimo.
„Group Singing and Meditation:
The music has always accompanied the life of the human being, has marked
the time, told the places, emotions and achievements.
Sing together opens us to others and to the deepest part of ourselves.
In this circle of Harmony we aspire to Be a Single Voice with different
nuances, as well as the Rainbow is a manifestation of the light itself.
The Yoga of Sound or Mantra Yoga is a path that through songs and
awareness techniques leads us to a deep relaxation and to the rediscovery of our Harmony.
We will sing songs of different spiritual traditions that will help us in this
endeavor; no musical training is required, we will work to release blockages.“

Massimo Kyo Di Nocera
Mehr Informationen über Massimo findet Ihr auf Seiner Homepage

Ausgleich: 15-25 € (Selbsteinschätzung)

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