Mind and Body Empowering Workshop through Creative Writing and Dance Therapy


The founder of Women Writing Berlin Lab, Margherita – writer and Gender Studies student – meets Katharina, a Dance Movement Therapist with a big passion of bringing women back in touch with their power and self-acceptance by practicing movements, dance and music.

Katharina and Margherita will help you with reconnecting with your bodies through creative writing, coaching principles, dance therapy and mindful journaling exercises.

Are you ready to start being nice to yourself and your body again? Are you ready and willing to see your body and your emotions as your strongest allies?

Are your willing to have a loving relationship with yourself first before you have it with others?

We created a workshop in order to empower women in their self acceptance and their courage to express themselves.

Writing and moving forces has been reunited and ready to be shared.
It is a revolution. It is a women’s revolution. A body’s revolution.

The insecurity of women in their own bodies has never seemed more dramatic.
Together we can learn and practice how to be nicer to ourselves.

Our thought? We ain’t got no time to be small anymore.
We are inviting you to join the movement: It is time to give a new voice to women’s consciousness.

This workshop will embrace your needs and wishes.
We created a concept for women who are ready to take that step and reconnect with their own soul and body to find back a sense.

A step in the direction of ‘self-caring’ of ‘self-embrace’ of ‘hell yeah I Rock-attitude’.

By strengthening our mind, and our body, we can influence our old beliefs and patterns and make them stronger and more positive.

PROGRAM (13.00 till 17.30)

13.00 - 13.05 >> 5 Minutes of Introduction: the group, Margherita and Katharina

13.05 - 13.10 >> 5 Minutes: Establishing rules for safe space

13.10 - 13.25 >> 15 Minutes Meditation: breathing exercises and positivity.

13.30 - 14.45 >> Mindful Journaling Session (approximately 75 minutes):

Story of Unknown: Building Trustiness toward each other.

Self-reflection: exchange the stories and see what is true and what is wrong in there.
How the other person connected with you? What words or key-words or language or images did she use to make the story about you? What resonated with you?

Positive affirmations; what are your blurts? What stopped you? What your inner judger said about it?

Creating Motion with Words: Life is Changes. Changes are part of our life. We are here to move our body and create motion in our muscles. But the motion doesn’t only interest the body. Our mindset needs to look forward and learn lessons from the past to go beyond our blurts and negative beliefs.

Starting from your Journal pages, reply some empowering questions and then shift to the movement part with Katharina.

14.45 - 16.15 >> MOVEMENT + DANCE + YOGA EXERCISES ( 90 minutes )

Focus on Body perception.

We work on focusing on gratitude toward being aware what it is and not about what is not, in getting movement and experiencing individual body and dance.

Something opens up, we write down what we have that is good and beating and alive

16.15 - 17.00 Closing Writing Session + Discussion + Meditation.

Meditation closing session. (20 minutes)

- 75 Minutes of Creative Writing with Empowerment Coaching Principles and Mindful Journaling Practices with Margherita. You will learn how to ask yourself empowering questions to practice self-love and self-acceptance and to use the Mindful Journaling Approach to reconnect with yourself and practicing Gratitude.
The Empowerment Coaching Principles will also help you to reconnect with your values and your own Why.

- 90 Minutes of Dance Therapy with Katharina with Yoga, Meditation and Dance. Katharina is an experienced Therapist that combines dancing and mindful practices to help women reconnecting with their own body. She works through movement and mindfulness to establish a new relationship with your body and your mind, diving into Gratitude, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love not only to empower your Body Joyfulness but also your Mind Balance.

- We provide you with water, juice, hot tee, snacks and fruits during the whole workshop. Everything will be vegan, bio and comgin from ethic trade markets.

- We provie you with printed material that you can bring home to review exercises and theories we share with you during the workshop.

Please, note that you can cancel your participation up to 7 days before. After this time we are not able to reimburse the ticket fees.


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