Active Consciousness Meditation EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE WITHIN


This ancient meditation and breathing technique will have you feel like being on drugs – it's got the power to alter your state and will clear out deep mental, emotional and physical blockages and give you a lot of clarity about yourself. Gift yourself this experience accessing deeper levels of yourself. It's one of the most popular classes in the well known Yoga-Barn on Bali.

Sophie and Dela will guide you safely through this transformative experience.

No experience needed – just bring yourself. Comfy clothes and curiousness about yourself.

Price 13 Euro / Students 10 Euro

Please send an Email to to reserve your spot.

Deutsch / English

General Terms:

Participation on your own responsibility. Please inform us about health issues like heart and respiratory diseases or a pregnancy.
About Sophie:
Sophie has absolved several Yoga and Meditation trainings (Ashtanga Yoga Innovation, Dr. Steiner; Restorative Yoga, Radiantly Alive, Bali; Mediation Teacher Training, Yoga Barn, Bali) and offers mindfulness sessions since 1,5 years. Her passion: giving people the tools of yoga and mindfulness to get back in balance in our hectic daily life.

About Dela: Dela is a Yoga Alliance certified Yogateacher with regular classes at Maigold and loves to share not only the physical benefits of yoga but the underlying wisdom of it, in order to live a life full of integrity, contentment and an open heart.

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