Women wear Dresses - New Year's Eve Manifestation


If you would like to enter the New Year going IN instead of going OUT,
if you feel you would like to shift consciously, sober and full of
Manifestation power into your New Year you are invitd to join. We will
start of with a meditation and Manifestation circle, Dance then into
the ecstaitic Energy and frequency raising Kundalini Dance and finish
off with Bajans and <Kirtan and singing sacred songs. We will bring
offerings and pray for Blessings.

Please come dressed in White and Gold and bring Flowers and Offerings
for the deities and also Instruments are welcomed. This evening is
drug and alcohol free. Please arrive sober! If you have been drinking
you will be denied entrance!

Bring a bottle of water and blanket.

Lets create together a meaningful, empowering, energetic, frequency
raising and sacred shift into the New Year.

Cost :25 Euro

Registration and booking via email:

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