Archetypal Morphic Field - Personal Growth Workshop


This Workshop is open to all those who want to work on themselves,
willing to know and face Original Wounds, access to the subtler levels of being, expanding the effect of their work on all the topics involved in the principle that is to miss.

PROGRAM - "Belonging, Acceptance, Attachment"
- "Introduction & Fundamentals." - Know & Learn
- "The Morphic Field & The Abstract Forms." - Practice & Feel
- "Abstract Personal Work." - Work & Heal
- "Archetypal Personal Work." - Transform & Embrace
- "Original Wounds." - Resilience & Belonging
- Conclusion

Date: Saturday 22/02/2020
Time: 10am - 6pm
Place: Maigold - Kopenhagener Str. 16 /10437 - Berlin

Open to any public
No previous experience is necessary
The order of registration will be respected.

To confirm attendance:
Send an email with your details for the bill
(name, surname, address, ID number)
Full advance payment of registration is needed.

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