Maha Yoga, Chai and Gong Medicine


with Willow Proctor CSA
As taught by Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa

This class is an investment for serious students (beginners welcome), willing to spend a precious Friday evening together twice per month, powerfully clearing our fields and upgrading our consciousness.

A deep meditative Gong bath will be offered at the end of each series.
Homemade chai will be served after the Working phase.

What is Maha Yoga?

Yoga is the science of transforming our consciousness. According to the original teachings, there must be 5 elements present to create Yoga.

"The first is the mind which comes from the practice of Raj Yoga. Next the body must be flexible and balanced which is what Hathaway Yoga provides. Next the kundalini must be activated which comes from the practice of kundalini Rita's. Next the consciousness must be vibrating at a pure cosmic frequency which comes from practicing Nada Yoga and finally the one science that connects them all, Pranayama. Without these 5 elements you are practicing yoga, not doing yoga." ---NDSK

Each class is an alchemy, flowing through each of these 5 elements.
Come and study intensively.
Let's Get [even more] Real with ourselves.

May Sessions: 3th and 17th, 20:00-22:30

Cost: 20€ /session

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