YOGA DANCE THERAPY Saturday May 26th 16:00-18:00 with Rashee


I am very happy to invite you for this Yoga Dance journey with me!
I am so grateful for being able to put up my effort in creating and sharing something very special and personal experience in my journey in the present self of an individual to remind myself 'MY SELF' to be able of becoming aware of my soul, my mind and my personal growth to know what is my purpose.
Yoga practices, which are all posture based rather than movement based, in YDT we combine movements and the postures together with mental focus and mantras which helps to balance the vibration of your body, mind, and soul.
My ground as an artist is being a trained Indian Classical Dancer, my approach of practise has always included a vast philosophical knowledge of concious movements and respect for the inward exploration of the organic impulses of the body. Being a teacher and a student I have always been an artist with diversity and ascetic view in her work. I believe reaching people straight and not with the manipulation. At the same time, I believe in traditional approach with the meaningful blend of contemporary arts.
We all have it! and we all need to know our own language of self expression.

We call this practise a Therapy because, one can learn to let go of a need to freed themselves up to come into more harmonious relationship with their bodies. Once you are in a harmony with your body, means that it influences your mind and space with spiritual awareness, thereby protecting you from the effects of unnecessary forces.

In the class, you will have a session on traditional yoga, along with an introduction to contemporary Indian Dance (inspired by Indian Classical dance forms). You will also learn importance of mudras, Pranayamas, eye exercises and implimenting light body air movements while you are in a particular posture. And we will end with meditation and deep relaxation.
It is a training combination of both dance and yoga along with self massages, chakra unblocking dance moves, visualizations, and choreography.

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